Thursday, 29 July 2010


There may be a short interlude here for a while.
I have one laptop with Vista that keeps getting so hot it turns itself off after 20 minutes or so.
The other one is XP, and to use my late mothers' favourite phrase, (often about me!), has two speeds...dead slow and stop!

I am trying to get one/both back up and running, but it may take a while. And a visit to the Tech Guys or a computer wizard that Mr B knows, which means a trip to Brum.

I hope you are all OK. Hello to new followers, (sorry to be so impersonal at the mo') and I hope "little guy" gets better soon, Christy. It is SO unfair, poor little chap. Big hugs from me!

I think I can pick up emails thru' my phone, but not sure about t'intertnet.
Take care all,
Z xx


  1. Sure hope you're not gone long. Will miss you around here. Good luck with the fixes.

  2. Hope to see you back soon :)