Saturday, 3 July 2010


As much as I love this summer weather, it really doesn't like me!

Congrats to the winners of the giveaways below...sadly not me!!

Picked my first strawberries, raspberries, sweet peas and freesias this week. Mmmmm. Really chuffed with the 'peas as it is the first time I have grown them from seed, as I usually get a pot of seedlings from the Market. It was definitely worth doing, as the plants seem much stronger, if that makes sense. The front garden is a bit of a riot-lots of those big white (ox-eye?) daisies and triffid-like hollyhocks. But overall, looking quite pretty.

(front garden, last summer)

Another blackbird nest filled with 5 babes in the lilac tree this time. I have been able to get close without disturbing them. So cute.

You lookin' at me?

If you fancy a trip out tomorrow (Sunday), then this is happening. This is the place where Debbie has opened her new booth.

I believe she is not going to actually be there tomorrow, (busy with the up-coming marriage of her daughter, wishing them all the luck in the world), but I am definitely going to try and get there.

So, I guess, having written all this down, not so bleugh-ry after all. Good, eh? Mr B comes home from Manchester tomorrow and then scoots off to Cardiff. So a mad, busy day then!
By the way, mentioning Manchester, does anyone have any news on MelMel (at home with)? I can't get any response from her blogger page. Hope you are OK hun.
And, finally, for Sian, another gratuitous photo of Rene.

Have a good weekend,

Z xx

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