Friday, 30 July 2010

It would help if I gave this a Title!

Well, here I am again! It's only taken the best part of half an hour to get to this stage of writing from turning the laptop on. But that IS quicker than before, and it seems to boot up quicker now. So, one step forward, eh?
Of course, any photos I had lined up are downloaded on t'other laptop, ha ha.
Not sure what's on here, so, surprise photo downloads.

Like this little Liberace number!

I will be making a chocolate courgette cake with my little lovelies, and some 'frites' probably. I don't fry a lot of stuff, bacon and steaks mainly, and don't have a deep fat fryer, so a little bit of 'make do' will be need to deep fry my chippies!

I have tried to keep up with your posts, but as yet haven't left any comments, but there's 2 weddings looming in blogworld...the daughter of Debbie at Vintage Wants and also lovely Lou, (Sprinkle of Glitter), so a huge burst of fabulous-ness for those girls and have a wonderful time!

Need a nice suit suit for a wedding? Have bottomless pockets? Then how about one of these beautifully constructed Vivienne Westwood numbers? The red one is my fave. Fab-U-Lus!
(Told you these would be surprise photos!)

A wonderful, hand-beaded Matador jacket, anyone? I think this is just one of the most beautiful, exquisite things ever.

Talking of handmade...
I'm thinking it is Bicycle Bazaar this Saturday. A small change, as they have the most dreadful (sorry, I LOATHE stuff like this) art installation in the Fishmarket, it will be held in the Market Square, I think.

Mr B is on his summer break at the mo and for the last couple of days has had what I would term as some sort of ghastly vertigo. Poor lamb, he is booked in to see the doc later, but he can barely stand up, so I don't really see it happening.
So, having spent about an hour doing this post, ("An hour?", as Nadia from Big Brother would say-think Portuguese accent), I'll pootle off and see how Mr B is doing and try and get to the doctors. Wish us luck!
Z xx

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