Monday, 5 July 2010

Little Brown Jug... the name of a song, if I remember rightly.
But I'm going to show you my little pink jug!
(oo-er, now then missus)

A fuzzy phone picture , but you get the gist. I didn't get to the Antiques thing at the Fishmarket yesterday, but this is a jug I got from their stall at BBB one month.
With more of my yummy sweet peas. Ooo, I am LOVING being able to pick some every day. Apparently, the more you pick, the more it produces; so I'm am picking them like a mad thing

These are 4 pictures of the Antiques Centres' reclamation yard. Well worth a mung.

And, finally, another fuzzy phone photo of my 1st new potato, Swift, that unearthed itself as I was watering them. Hopefully more to come from where that came from and EVEN more hopefully, they will be more successful than last year. There were rubbish, less than a kilo from several plants; you're supposed to get at least a kilo from each plant, so I've read. We shall see...and eat, possibly!

Have a good week.
Z xx


  1. Oh the joy of unearthing the first spud of the year. I was childishly thrilled when I did it last year.

  2. Love the pink jug! Would love to dig through those piles of goodies...and your potato looks wonderful! So glad things are going well for you. :)

  3. Wowzas where is that antique centre?? Please say Northampton!! Have you ever been to the Dairy Farm Crft Village place out weeden way? Amazing!
    Im defo up for meeting up, it would be lovely to meet you! If only there was a Fish Street Market thing on again soon. gr I keep being busy when they're on.
    Wedding is 4th September at St John the Baptist and I cant wait!!


  4. The pink jug really is the sweetest thing :0)

    Thank you for your lovely comment, now now, you must know flying ducks are the *in* thing ;0) Yes alright a little blokish, I shall give you that :0)

    Take care

    M X