Friday, 1 October 2010

The Bizarre-ness of it All

You know? How stuff entwines.

Put my dinner on last night and went and watched TV while it was cooking. What was on? Nigellas Kitchen. I used to enjoy her, but she's become such a parody of herself, I find her quite unbearable. She made a whole load of food I didn't like. I mean how many ways are there to disguise the myriad of shapes of that stuff pasta? Loathe it, makes me retch. And I'm not keen on tomatoes either. Or soup. And blimey, how many calories in that cheesecake? But, I bet that did taste good!! You see, I'm a Marmite baby. Always have been. Dinner party? Nah, a couple of pieces of buttered toast and Marmite and I'm yours.
And as this is a bit of a foodie post....
...we christened these new bowls this morning with our cereal. It was to celebrate "PowerPoints Dads" birthday, who is 51 today. We have a on-going thing about Paris, so we sent a picture of aforementioned bowl to wish him a Happy Birthday. His reply was that he could almost smell the garlic!!
I'd seen a picture of this range on T-Cakes blog, and loved the Paris bowl so was really chuffed to find some myself.

And my dinner? Fish Fingers and potato croquettes!!
(I was feeling uninspired/couldn't be a*sed!!)
Z xx
An added interesting fact, nearly. When my school closed down, it amalgamated with another one. If I had gone to that one, instead of the dreadful one I ended up at, I would have gone to school with Nigella. See, told you it was nearly interesting!


  1. oo love them bowls.. very parisenne!!..
    you cant beat fishfingers hmm!!.i cant watch nigella as her hair hanging in the food makes me feel sick!!!

  2. There are times when only fishfingers will do. Mmmmm, fishfinger butties...

  3. You hate pasta?! Wow I couldn't live without the stuff! :)

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  5. Love those bowls! Wonder if Nigella will ever do a show on fish fingers? Well, she should because they are yummy. Haha! :)