Tuesday, 13 December 2011


The above is a prop car from an old ballet, called "Sylvia".

Imagine my surprise, and joy, at seeing the real McCoy in the car park outside TK Maxx.

Oh yes, we have everyone come and visit here!

Isn't she a beaut?

And here is a very murky photo of me next to one of my favourite little cars. I so adore these Figaros! Mr B was all for taking a photo - in the B&Q car park, (ooo, yes, I hang out in the most salubrious of places!) - but I faffed around for so long that by the time the photo was being taken the owner was walking towards me! Probably thought we were eyeing it up to nick it! We had a chat and she seemed OK about it...phew!

I was going to download Gary Numan's "Cars" but having blown him out at the BIC, when our mate, Jon, who was driving for the tour of OMD and GN, (as support), rushed me and Mr B past Gary and his entourage to introduce us to Andy McCluskey. If I'd known I probably would have fallen prone on the floor in front of him! Bless his little cotton socks!

Useless information fact here: as much as I love cars, and I do, neither Mr B or I drive.

Another bit of useless info: if my life had depended on knowing how many sides a dodecahedron has, then I hope I was like a cat and have 9 lives! I may have known that it wasn't a dinosaur, but as a guess I would have said 10, but it is in fact 12! (Just in case you thought I was being a clever-clogs!)
Z xx


  1. wow, what amazing cars, I can drive but hate it, I think I'd like it a bit more in one of those though!

  2. I'd have said ten, too!
    I love cars and I can't drive either, probably just as well. The lady who is hopefully buying Gylbert when our next camper's ready has a Figaro, they are so cute. x