Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Most Peculiar Christmas!

I was going to upload a rather nice photo of the beautiful Hawksmoor church that I can see out of our window, but I'm using the 02 t'internet connection from Cafe Rouge, (which is sort of the Ibis restaurant here), and not only will it not let me open my blog page, (but I can open my dashboard), it seems to not want me to upload photos either!

So, about 20 minutes after I posted my last post Mr B started being really ill. All thru' the night. Then I started yesterday morning!

All that excitement of getting to eat our Chrimbo Dinner at the 02...yeah, that really happened, didn't it? Mr B managed to get into work today just as they were all finishing their meal and my Festive treat has been Rich Tea Biscuits. Bah humbug!!

If I'm not quite as together as I would like to be, in getting in touch, please accept my humble, vomit-ridden apologies!
Z xx


  1. Happy holidays,lovely!!
    Get some eggnog down yer!XXX

  2. Hope you are both feeling better... Are you in London?... X happy holidays!!!....

  3. Hope you're both feeling lots better now! xxx

  4. So very sorry that you both had to be sick over the holidays. Yuck. Hoping you both are feeling perfect again soon. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way. :)