Monday, 19 December 2011


This was a special present from Christy's eldest boy. I was so chuffed, I used to love Peanuts, so this was a perfect picture for me!

I had sent a few little bits to her laddies in the States, and they sent me a wonderful box of goodies as a most wonderful thank you. I haven't photographed the items yet...tho' I have consumed most of the Iowa Cow Poo!! (Like our reindeer poop over here, but much, much nicer!)

Having managed to fling the remains of my mug of coffee over the bed(!), I changed the bed linen to our 'Christmas' set, a sort of red paisley number. I know a lot of you enjoy new bedclothes, and PJs, on Christmas Eve. But Mr B is working at the 02 over Christmas, so we'll be travelling up to Greenwich on Friday, and won't be in our own bed on Christmas Eve. I've also found the Christmas blankie...the cats are enjoying it as I type!

Having got myself into a real twizzle over getting the cards and parcels in the post on time, I can say with relief, that I wandered down to the Post Office this afternoon. Goodness, the weather is grim. Couldn't see thru' my glasses because (a) they were covered in raindrops and (b) they kept steaming up!! Bah humbug indeed!
Glad that is done!
Z xx


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment left on my post about the ballet costumes. It would be so interesting to find out more about them. I've got an industrial sewing machine and I've caught myself on the needle before but nothing as bad as you experienced...OUCH!! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and see you at the jumble.
    Jo xx

  2. I am going to show Willie that his artwork is on your blog. He will think he's famous!! Thanks so much for being you. :) I'm just sorry I haven't commented more lately. Been crazy with Christmas prep. Hope you have a lovely holiday.