Friday, 30 December 2011

A Great Week

Gosh, what a week! Lovely week, I hasten to add!

Met up for lunch with fellow Blogger, Teresa, from Tcakes, (sorry, not able to do a link!), who very kindly travelled over to Greenwich to see me. Great chatting about clothes, shoes and her beautiful, new Kate Spade handbag! I had a great time and hopefully we'll get to do it again.

Spent Wednesday afternoon ensconced in the Company Office, having some great conversations with a variety of people from the ballet company. Having spent so long over at the 02 I ended up buying a ticket for the evening performance and it was fantastic! The dance, costumes, props (of course!), and oh, the orchestra...they sounded sublime. You know how some theatres seem to think that if you crank up the sound level to eardrum splitting level somehow makes it better and it doesn't, well, this was just perfect! Mind you, I have never heard them play badly! But they do have a new conductor; so maybe that helped! Joe McElderry was okay too. Not my cup of tea, but heck you have to admire someone so young standing up there on stage in front of five and half thousand people and singing solo. I did see him backstage and he seems a very sweet young man.

Yesterday was a bit weird...having had such a great day before I just plummeted to a real low and spent too long rolled up in a ball under the bed covers crying! Guess that's the beauty of clinical depression. Eventually kicked myself up the bum hard enough to go for a long walk in Greenwich Park. Beautiful and helped to lift my mood a bit. Mr B actually had the evening off and there was the Company party held in Gauchos. Do not believe that dancers only eat lettuce and tissues...we arrived about an hour after the start of the party and all the food had been scoffed! We missed mini Argentinian steaks - damn! I had a very nice chat with the Company CEO about the show as he knew I'd seen it the night before. It is very gratifying when someone like that is interested in your opinion!

Today Mr B has 2 shows and then everything is taken down and packed up into wagons to go back to Brum. So, a late night/early-ish morning for him. I eventually got myself out into Greenwich to have a look at the market and shops. It was pissing down with rain and dark too! I got a couple of beauty sale bits from Boots and Superdrug. I had wanted to get to Borough Market which is a celebrated foodie market and Teresa had also suggested that I go to Stratford as there are wonderful views of the Olympic Stadium and surrounding Olympic bits! There is also a recently opened Westfield shopping centre. There is a Beauty Base store there and a Jonny Loulous, (John Lewis), which would've been good to have a nosey around, but I really think I need a rest from all this gadding around, it is beginning to take its' toll I think!

Checking out and going home tomorrow. Had a brilliant time, but must say, I am really looking forward to getting home now! And then I can catch up with all your lovely blogs! A treat indeed! And I have so many photos to upload too!



  1. Sounds like a great break ... haven't been to Greenwich for years and must make a list of places to visit or re-visit for 2012 .... Happy New Year to you and Mr P x

  2. You must be exhausted ! It sounds like you have had a lot of fun but I can understand that you will be pleased to get home again. A very happy New Year to you and Mr B.
    Ann x

  3. So glad you had a lovely time with your blog friend and watching your show. Sounds wonderful!! Sorry you had some blue moments but glad you are doing better. :)

  4. Oh! And happy new year to you and yours!!

  5. Happy New Year, Zoe!!!
    It sounds like you've been busy, I'm not surprised you had a bit of a bad day with all the excitement of the past week. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Happy New Year, Zoe!!!
    It sounds like you've been busy, I'm not surprised you had a bit of a bad day with all the excitement of the past week. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hey sweets,

    I've just been browsing around your blog, and I'm so sorry to hear that you suffer from depression. *Big hug*

    I sometimes think there's nothing quite like a good cry under the duvet to heal a great deal of things. ;-)