Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Park With A View

Greenwich Park, South London, in all its' glory! The link will give you all the info you'll want to find out much more eloquently than I could do! Just wanted to actually post these photos...they were taken way back in December, a colder day than today but about the same greyness as today! Mind you, I did get a glint of evening sun on Canary Wharf.

This is a first-time effort of a panorama made up of 4 photos. Room for improvement, I think, but not bad for a beginner! (If you click on it, it will pop up in another window, much larger and clearer!)


  1. It looks lovely, I got totally obsessed with the panorama on my last camera havent figured it out on my new one!
    I also wanted to say thanks so much for the gloves, Ive been wearing them so much especially over LFW when I developed this weird rash on my hands xxx

  2. Hello new follower here - what a lovely blog. I like your photos as I have never been to Greenwich park. Maybe I will visit next time i am in London.

  3. I really like your panorama photo! I have never done that but it gives a nice effect.I will have to look into how you do that someday.

    Thank you for your visit and kind words.

    Have a lovely weekend,