Friday, 9 March 2012

We're In The Army Now

With yet more appalling news about more Servicemen being murdered in Afghanistan this week, I had to smile at this photo that Mr B sent me.

I think it is for the son of the landlady in Sunderland, (where Mr B is this week). Anyhow, for a family member who is about to go out to this Hellhole. I don't know how they, or their families cope.

But what amazing cupcakes...even in such a moment as this, people find a way to celebrate and organise a send-off party for this brave lad.
Good luck!

Z xx


  1. What fabulous cakes! I've never seen macho cup cakes before! It's a horrible time to be seeing active service, thinking of that young man and his family. x

  2. Those cakes look smashing ;-) I saw the lads that died on the front of the paper in the shop this afternoon and i had a lump in my throat they were all so young what a waste of a life. They should pull them all out of there now as far as im concerned its not our war anymore. Have a great weekend, dee xx