Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Greenwich Clock Tower Market

I seem to have had rather a productive day. Of course the good weather we are having helps.

I had planted up dozens of seeds and have run out of window sill space. They have even taken over the bedroom sill, much to Tabby's disgust, as she likes to have a little sit on there when it's sunny!

But a photo of a stack of pots of potting compost does not a good post make! (Try saying that after a couple of gins!) So, at long last have downloaded some pictures from the Greenwich Clock Tower Market, held every Saturday. Goodness there was some good stuff there. Good prices too. I'd done a little wander down to the Co-op to get some groceries to bring home, when I found this delight. I hot-footed it back to the hotel and told Mr B to GO! and have a shufty.

Lots of sparkly things. Regret not purchasing the Blackpool Tower brooch, but I think there comes a point at which you just cannot take it all in and this little gem was sadly left behind.

Mr B has one of those square vases but in green glass. The seller said that the green glass is quite rare.

Front and back cover on annual that came home with us.

And below is Mr B's best buy.

No, not the shoes!!! The FREE (working) coloured light bulbs.
Now, that's the sort of bargain I like. They belonged to the sellers dad and I guess he was just pleased to get shot of them. Mr B had bought a couple of bits and was going to buy these too, so that was a very kind of the chap.

Much more fun than soil-filled flowerpots! Mind you, I have some of my parents vintage clay pots which are rather nice. And I have been saving all my loo roll tubes which have now got runner beans and sweet pea seeds planted in them! Very 'Blue Peter'! But apparently these types of seedlings don't like having their roots disturbed, so the loo roll gives them a good length to grow in and hopefully minimal disturbance when planting out. Well, that's the theory...!


  1. Wow what some gorgeous things to look at my eyes were everywhere ;-) Love that glass wall cabinet and there looked to be some great vaes and such. Well done on all your planting ;-)) dee xx

  2. Wow! What a feast of treats. I'm dying for the car boot season to start again so I can rummage in boxes again. Well done on the light bulbs! x