Monday, 12 March 2012

Lucky Girl

Mr B came thru' on a flying pit stop yesterday. Left me a weeks worth of dirty washing(!) and repacked his bag with a weeks worth of clean clothing, then scooted off down to London.

In amongst his stuff were some little beauties that he found for me!
A Minnie Mouse-style dress/top.

A rather gorgeous peach Melba print top, which I keep thinking 'oo, that'll be great with...'yellow espadrilles/orange ballerinas/white jeans/white linen trousers/ white Capri pants/white flared skirt/peach linen trousers. All of which already languish in my overflowing collection of clothes!

An extremely pretty necklace. A jigsaw, 1500pieces(!), of the Eiffel Tower.

And, cue big squeals of delight, these amazing boots!

If they are lucky the lads tend to get the daytime of the Friday off, when they are on tour. So Mr B invariably does a trip to Newcastle, which is home to Scorpio Shoes. He told me to have a look at the website to see if there was anything that caught my eye. TUK is a brand that I have a few pairs from, including a pair that I liked and Mr B tracked down in the States, so we know we are OK on the sizing.

The clothing comes from a shop, Big 'n' Beautiful, where Mr B is welcomed like an old friend. He has shopped there for me for years. They are brilliant with helping him with sizes etc and on the one time the size was right, sorted it out via the postal service.

I am very lucky that my man is so happy to shop for me. Either that, or I have got him very well trained!!
Z xx


  1. I wouldn't mind TEN mountains of washing left for me to do, if I was bought that collection of lucky thing!!

    I am lusting after your boots!!


  2. What a lovely man you have! Those boots are amazing!

  3. aahhh bless his heart you have a good one there ;-)) Loving those tops the peach one is so pretty. And those boots WOW ;-)) dee xx

  4. God bless Mr P what a wonderful booty he found for you there ... You can forgive him for the dirty laundry! Lovely to see you again on Saturday at Northampton V & H xx

  5. WOW those shoes and so beautiful! :] I love them. What a lovely fella you have. XX

  6. ps did you get my email... I hope I sen tit to the right address?X

  7. Wowza! You are a lucky lady indeed. I'm pretty sure my man will never go shopping for clothing for me. Although I doubt he has your man's fine taste either, so maybe that's okay on my end. Well done Mr B!!

  8. Fab gifts!

    great unusual!


  9. OOh how lovely, I like the fact that he goes to the shops and gets the perfect things for you. Can't wait to see how you still those fab shoes!xx

  10. He has got the best taste! I absolutely love those shoes and both those tops! Please post some pictures of you wearing them!!! xxx

  11. Blimey, how good is he? I have a lovely man, but clothes shopping is definitely not his forte!

  12. That's so wonderful! You are a lucky girl.