Friday, 24 August 2012

As If By Magic (if only!)

So, the transformation has begun in earnest this week.

The kitchen has been totally ripped out! We were left with our gas oven but at the end of the day we had neither the energy or inclination to cook. Cheesy puffs and a cup of coffee sitting on the front room floor seemed a good idea at the time.

Our little bathroom, which we have never got around to decorating. 'Cos pinky painted clouds is so me. Not!

Along with the giant power tools this little beauty caught our eye. A heavy-duty Makita radio.
This is going on my Christmas list!

The hallway at the height of the mayhem.

Some of the 'angels' that sorted it out. Our LX gang from Edwards Technical.
Thank you, boys.


  1. Oh My goodness you are in a muddle ;-) Hope it gets done quickly for you. Cheese puffs sounds like a great option to me ;-)) dee xxx

  2. That'll be us in a year or so!
    I desperately need a new kitchen.I reckon the whole thing will stress me out though!!!EEEK!XXX