Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kitchen? Smitchen!

My new kitchen plan
OK. It's 9.44 first working morning of the new working week after the Bank Holiday.

One workman is trying to sort out the newly plumbed in washing machine. I went to put washing in on Sunday and got a whoosh of waste water all over the floor. And seeping into the newly installed kitchen units bases.

The machine has been put in with a kink in the waste pipe, hence the mucky water. He is draining it, but the new electric wiring that was chased into the wall on Friday won't work!

The aforementioned wiring hasn't been plastered over, meanwhile, the tilers are in to tile the kitchen. Over the unplastered wiring???
We splashed out on new cooking appliances. I had printed off various ideas and pictures/info of items that I fancied getting, including an oven. This transpired to be a 'built in' oven. The only guidance given by the 'kitchen designer', was to choose a 'built under' oven. So, I chose a different 'built under' oven, which, having had it delivered on Thursday, the kitchen fitter who was here on Friday thought it was too big. Cue lots of deep sighing, lip biting etc etc from all manner of the work force. We are still waiting to find out if it can be fitted.
Sure you want a new kitchen, Helga?

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  1. Yikes oh hun it all sounds like a nightmare i hope it is all sorted out soon. Im sure it will be worth it ;-)) dee xx