Tuesday, 7 August 2012


As Gwen Stefani would say! (Check 2 mins 32 seconds in).

Rene doing her best to help with the packing.

The kitchen was designed this morning, swiftly followed by the ordering of a built under double electric oven, gas hob and chimney extractor hood.
Made me feel ill ordering all that!
Bit the bullet and ordered the shower whilst I was burning the plastic!

I might not have the vintage Vuitton trunk, but I do still have my old school trunk. This has made its' way up to the storage space along with a thousand or so books and about a squillion knick-knacks! We are single-handedly going through all the empty boxes that Morrison's can throw at us. I haven't found any 'exotics' hidden away in the banana boxes and I pray that that is the way it stays!!

We have someone coming to check what furniture has to go and then that will be transported on Thursday along with anything else that needs to go.

This my sh**. This my sh**.

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