Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bible-Bashing Saturday

This post is not written to offend anyone; just for me to let off steam!

We may be fed up of Christmas starting in September but I seem to
be suffering a new phenomenon...
In the space of half an hour I've had the Gospel Hall shove a stash of printed stuff through my letterbox. And they left my gate open.
Then the doorbell went and this couple were trying to 'sell' me God on my doorstep! She obviously seemed unaware of stepping into peoples' personal space as she tried to be all chummy. Sorry, but it just p*sses me off.
I know a lot of you are religious and that is part of what makes you 'you' and I value all of you as you are. I chose to be Christened when I was 16 and then got Confirmed. Away at boarding school, it may not have been for the 'right' reasons. I may not be a church-going, God-fearing soul, but I do hope that I am a christian with a small 'c'. That I try not to hurt people, that I care for those that need it, that cross my path, not only close friends and family.
I do pray for things, but don't feel the need to go to a specific building to do so. Again, at school, a certain vicar would often make comments to do with collections and us being from a fee-paying school, as though all our parents were millionaires (in the days before the Lottery!). In actual fact a lot were like me - sponsored or from the Forces, so our parents were just regular 'Joes'.
The Baptist Church we went to always made you feel welcome as did the 'high church', which I loved for all the theatricality of it. I love visiting The Hidden Gem when I go to Manchester. (Posted about here and here).  I just like to sit and think and, yes, pray.
But, I do not need pushy 'sales people' bothering me at home on my doorstep!
If you're still reading, thank you!
Rant over!
Z xx


  1. I hate when they do that too!
    It should be something people come to believe in their own way and not by someone telling them to.

  2. Im soooo with you on this lovely hope you feel calmer now ;-) Its good to have a rant sometimes, hugs dee xxx