Monday, 31 December 2012

Living It Up In Leicester

We always like to try and get over to Leicester during the Christmas period.
It is a wonderful bus journey through the lush countryside of Leicestershire.

 Proudly hanging onto my bargainous yellow frilly brolly; a fiver from TKMaxx.

If the bus windows each way weren't so filthy they could've been some pictures of some of the lovely houses and their wonderful festive lights. So, just a few of us and the town centre lights!

We just caught the market as it was closing. It always looks so beautiful. The traders lay out their goods with so much care. I didn't get a picture of them, but even the new potatoes are laid out all neat. Sadly, it makes Northampton's effort look rather bleak!
I would eat a lot more of this good stuff if I had access to produce like this! (Well, maybe not the tomatoes!).
So, I guess on that note, a good resolution for 2013, that I wish you all a hale and hearty New Year, with all that you could wish for, for you and your families!
Z xx


  1. Hope you and your family also have a wonderful new year!

    Did you do anything nice to celebrate? x

  2. Thank you Zoe for your lovely comment. I am really looking forward to a good year. I to would eat healthier if there was a nice market to visit and buy from.