Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Kitsch 80s Christmas Card Designs

I doubt this would get passed the Christmas Card Police nowadays!


Do you think the makers of the Meerkat ads for the Coronation Street got this card for Christmas?
 Cannot beat a "Jolly Santa" card; any year, any age!

This one actually has a name...'Any Takers?'
Too cute for words
Sprouts have the same effect!

Can't beat 'squiggles' playing with the deccies. It makes me think of that film 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation'.


Granny snowman gets a look-in too! Personally, I think she looks a little too much like the wolf from Red Riding Hood!

And this one? Well, just in case you haven't realised what month of the year it is, here's the Care Bears to remind you!


  1. Fab! I remember receiving some of those cards. xx

  2. Hey Zoe, just wanted to say thank you so much fo rmy christmas card, i'm sorry i've not got around to posting my Grandma is in hospital and my mum is ill to. I've been in full on panic attack mode for the past few weeks.Hopefully things will be better soon XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Awww thank you for the welcome back, wow was I your first follower?! I do intend to pop by more honestly!

    Love the cards, takes me back to my childhood, especially the Care Bears! Happy Christmas xxxx