Friday, 5 April 2013

a... b... (s)... c

A nasty, smelly, pus-y abscess in my mouth.
Still, with 2 trips to the dentist in one week (eek!), and another booked for 10 days time, for final root canal work (double eek!), along with another course of antibiotics and everything should then be back to being rosy in the old mouth department! 
For all people seem to really baulk at root canal work, the worst bit for me is having the X-ray taken; that horrible, hard plastic holder that you have to bite on, that really makes my gum hurt! So, if a dentist should say 'root canal' to you I wouldn't run to the hills. This is my second time in about a year, so I DO know what I'm talking about!!
Beautiful sunny Tuesday
But, it did also mean 2 trips to the lovely café in Abington Park, where the Fair was held, (that I didn't get to).
Overcast Thursday
Mr B had 'time off in lieu' so was with me on both trips, so that was fantastic. But what a difference 24 hours makes.
chilly billy
First outing of the creepers, which were the comfiest footwear imaginable!
Mr B is back at work today but has the weekend off, (hurrah!), and is flying out to Washington soon, to go to an Arts Festival in Norfolk, Virginia. OK for some, eh?
Must take up the jeans he wants...they've been hanging around forever, so, that's my job for the weekend.  What have you got planned? Let me know!
Z xx

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  1. Poor you with your tooth. I can totally sympathise as I have had two root canals done in the last couple of years and apparently they took forever because I have really long roots! I agree about the x-ray plastic it hurts like hell! Thank you for your lovely comment about the Pugs on my post. Speak soon.
    Jo xx