Monday, 15 April 2013

'ooops!' Reader Be Warned...

This time last week I was 'recovering' from having my 'noo-nie',  (TOWIE-speak for 'lady garden' or whatever you prefer to call it!), examined. Well, to be precise, my bladder was checked out with a camera. I mean, how bloomin' clever is that? Should have asked if it could be filmed and then I could have uploaded it to my blog/youtube/everywhere and got a thousand hits!!!!
Forget the Tena Lady 'ooops' moments; I am fed up of wearing a pad the size of a small island and still have to change my lower half of clothing and wash the cushion covers. And sometimes I don't even know it's happening!!!  Aarrrrgh!
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I have done the Kegel exercise since I was a young 'un, when me and my mum used to religiously follow Richard Hittleman  (with the amazing Lyn Marshall), doing yoga on the telly (I even have his book).  So, having ascertained there is nothing wrong, (phew!), I have gone with the recommendation of my surgeon and invested in 'Vaginal Cones'! I won't go into an explanation of what they are, sure you can work it out for yourselves, but he gives them a big thumbs up(!), so I'll give them a go. I tried them out when they arrived and wasn't keen, but I think it was a bit too soon after the 'exploration'! There is also a new drug out that he thinks may do the job. He said it is possible that I have got used to the one I am on, as this was brilliant at first and then again when the dosage was upped, but it cannot be upped any higher! So, menopause?, nerves?, Heaven knows, but hopefully, improvement will occur. Or it might just all settle down again of its' own accord. Who knows?? 
So, anyway, that's the bottom half sorted out, so to speak!
Still need to go back to the hospital for repeat blood tests as the last ones weren't 'fresh' enough! No, I don't understand that either, particularly as I saw the nurse who did it take them to the lab straight away. How much 'fresher' can I make it? (Maybe he stopped off for a 3 course meal on the way???)
Back to the dentist tomorrow, for the final stage of my root canal treatment, thank goodness. Hoping that the antibiotic has done its' job, but going by the taste that keeps 'appearing' in my mouth, I am not so sure! Afterwards, I'm gonna treat myself to a trip to the Co-op near there for some yummy food stuff. Coriander and lime chicken, anyone?


  1. I hope the situation improves for you,its not nice when our lady 'bits' rebel against us. xx

  2. Oh dear! Sounds horrid! hope you get it sorted soon! xxx
    PS Feel free to use any pictures you want! xxx

  3. Hope the new tablets do the trick! I'm a bit of a QVC nut and they seem to reckon everyone (well, er, by everyone I mean women) should be using things like the vaginal cones to keep things working right over the years. Might have something to do with the fact that they sell those sorta things but it still seems like good advice - nothing more annoying than having to plan activities around where the nearest bathroom is!

    Hope the dentist went well!

  4. Oh dear, stuff going on upstairs and down! Hope it all improves soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind comments.
    Love Curtise xxx