Thursday, 18 April 2013

What A Difference A Year Makes

This was the blossom tree outside the dentists' on the 21 March last year. It was barely in bud this week!
This is the view from the other window, overlooking a doctors' surgery. But of more note is all the positive words that are written on the window. I like my dentists. The dentist is great and the dental nurses are jolly. I've been going here for probably 10 years and most of the staff have been there all that time. A sign of a 'happy ship', I think.
So, I have a much happier mouth now, thank goodness! No need for an anaesthetic jab, so no numbness or dribbling messiness!
An added bonus on the same day - Pearl was passing through Northampton. After a quick phone call, I shot out of the house to meet her at the railway station for a quick coffee and a gab. She has lots of exciting things happening; not my place to spill the beans but pop over to her Facebook page or Blog to find out what's happening.
As she was about to go I mentioned once again I hadn't taken any pictures, (too busy gassing!), and Pearl took a quickie on her phone. I haven't seen it properly, so I'm not sure how well it came out. I nearly always look like shite in group photos, well, most photos, so who knows!
I thought the weather was too good to be true and sure enough I had to dash out in hailstones to rescue my washing this afternoon! The TV weather girl is on as I type...drier, brighter, a bit cloudy. Covers just about every base then!!
What's it doing in your neck of the woods?
Z xx


  1. I'm sure you don't look rubbish in your photo with Pearl, you looked lovely in the Mcr ones!
    I have been having dentist woes lately. Almost done with the second root canal on the tooth they should have done in the first place but they didn't read the x-ray properly.

  2. You totally beautiful in our picci xx