Saturday, 20 April 2013

Record Store Day 2013

Vintage Vixen wrote that her partner, Jon, would sit in their kitchen and contemplate the 'Girl on a Motorcycle' poster, from the film of the same name starring Marianne Faithful.
The book of the film, although with a different cover, was in the middle of the display  of paperbacks when I once again visited the Record Store.
Tucked between Bruce Lee and the David Bowie Story, Marianne Faithful stood like a leather-clad jewel in the crown.
But my eye was on a different prize. Jayne Mansfield's 'Wild, Wild World', which I thought would not only be a good read, but the cover would also make a great T-shirt. I asked the Record Store owner if I could take a photograph of the book display, because it looked so good.
"Of course you can", he replied. " A lot of people don't bother to ask."
The owner seemed a lot more upbeat than on my previous visit. It was good to see him. Wearing a dark velvet jacket, he was busy cataloguing singles as the '13th Floor Elevators' played in the background. He smiled as I said I would take the Jayne Mansfield book.  
"Not many people know who Jayne Mansfield was these days", he said. The opening credits to 'The Girl Can't Help It 'came to mind, but I just smiled back.
"I see that you've sold that copy of 'Aladdin' by Cliff Richard and the Shadows" I said, having looked through the 'Soundtrack Section.'
"I may've put it in the 'Cliff  Richard Section'" he replied, retrieving it in an instant.
"I've got to take that" I said.

I left with a copy of  'Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp' ( a mono recording of a pantomime performed at The London Palladium, for which 'the Shads' wrote the music) and a paperback full of Hollywood glamour about a woman with a heart-shaped swimming pool.
I'm not sure if Jayne Mansfield's 'Wild, Wild World' has made it onto Kindle yet?
As for the vinyl...I can't wait to hear Side 2, Track 4, 'Genie With the Light Brown Lamp.'

A Guest Blogger Post from Mr B

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  1. A great post, Mr B and happy birthday wishes from Jon and I! xxx