Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap - Day 19

 On a dull day I tend to get to this time of night and go "Arrgh! Haven't taken a photo!"
I had decided this was what I wanted to snap yesterday.
I've not had this coffee maker for long, but yesterday was the first time I have ever made coffee this way.
It was very nice, very strong but not a lot of it!
One of my favourite coffees
I've always been a bit wary of percolating coffee as it is apparently really bad to use boiling water on coffee.
But I bought this 'cos it was Hello Kitty.
Mr B brought a TV programme to my notice, 'Bitchin' Kitchen' with Nadia G and to say I am hooked is an understatement!
photo taken from her website here
(I luuurrrrrvvve those shoes!)
But on one of her programmes she was making a proper café mocha and used a perc. So, in homage to her, I dusted mine off and plonked it on the stove.
Didn't wear heels tho'!

Alla prossima!
Z xx

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