Tuesday, 4 June 2013

30 Day Snap - Day 4

Toes and Kenkohs.
Ah, my beloved Kenkohs...I've had them longer than I've known Mr B and that's a long time! Made in Japan and bought from a Japanese store in South Kensington waaaaaay back in the 80s. The little nodules massage the soles of your feet and are meant to do you good! When you first wear them you are advised to only keep them on about 20 minutes; if you can bear it that long. They can take a bit of getting used to.
The nail varnish is quite old too! Maybelline New York Colorama (no 'U') in shade 22, (I think, it's more-or-less rubbed off!), but the name is Jellybean.
Love it!

The espadrilles are brand spanking new though!
By Merona, from Target, Mr B brought these back from the States for me. Yes, they were on 'The List'.
Z xx


  1. Lovely summery nail polish colour!

  2. Neat massaging sandals and I love your polish color!


  3. Love the new shoes (I live and breathe Target). Not sure about those bumps, but they must be pretty comfy if you've been wearing them that long. The Jellybean color is wonderful too. :)

    Yes, this really is me.... I've been dreadfully absent from blogger. Trying to fix that.

  4. fyi... Christy from wicked happy. Didn't realize I was signed into my regular email when I left my comment. Ha!

  5. What pretty toe nail polish! I used to have some flip flops with a similar insole, loved the tickly feeling. x