Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day Snap - Days 23 & 24 June

Oops! Missed one!
Day 23
Homemade apple chutney bought from the Village Fair, artfully presented tucked in one of the Giselle prop grape baskets.
Gratefully received gift for our mate, Paul, as a sort of new flat-warming present. (Along with a vintage 'The Archers' board game!).
Not sure which he was most pleased with!
Day 24
Dinner, courtesy of Tesco Delivery Service! (Yes, still haven't been out of the house...but at least toady I got dressed! And cooked myself dinner.)
Steak, potato croquettes and a mix of cabbage, broad and runner beans.
I am rubbish at cooking steak, but the veggies...cor, could've eaten a plateful of them on their own!

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