Wednesday, 5 June 2013

30 Day Snap - Day 5

It made me laugh each time I have opened the cupboard door to get my coffee out...there was
'Reg Holdsworth' peering back at me.

He was a character from Coronation Street a few years ago, played by Ken Morley.

When Mr B was on tour in Manchester there used to be a brilliant second hand place call The Ginnel Gallery and they had the same boat bar for sale as we owned. Then, one day, we were having a coffee in their café, he came in and bought it!
If ever you've ever seen the Celebrity Come Dine With Me with him in, there are couple of fleeting glances of it.

Anyway, Mr Holdsworth has been removed and used to hold a cup of tea for Mr B, who was sent home from work as he was ill.

If anyone wants to buy a boat bar ours is for sale!

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