Monday, 29 July 2013

A Little Bit Of This, A little Bit Of That (edited...Now With Video)

Last week was Mr B's first week off and if he thought he was in for a rest...

Monday morning saw me discharged from my urology specialist. No real answers, but equally, nothing to panic over, which in itself is a positive. Mind you, I was told there is yet another use of Botox; it can be injected into the bladder! Eek! Um, no thanks...I think I'll pass on that!
I had promised to take Mr B to Most Marvellous, so we walked down to there and had a good mung and a bacon sarnie. Lots of great things to take us back to yesteryear, but we were very good and left empty-handed. Can't remember where else we went, but we walked a lot and didn't get home until early evening. (How can my brain loose whole chunks of time?)

Wednesday saw us visiting my dentist...again! The new gold crown that I went to have fitted a couple of weeks before didn't fit. In the space of 10 days my teeth had moved/grown and I had to have another cast taken.
This new crown was a perfect fit; my mouth feels so much 'happier' if that makes sense.
Picture very kindly taken by my dentist and mouth held open by dental nurse.
Thanks guys!
Of course, a visit to the dentist means either a 'big shop' at the lovely Co-
op and/or a visit to the café in the park; this time the café won.
 A couple of yummy sarnies, 2 fabulous iced coffee drinks and a seat on the cushy sofa inside with a fab summer breeze = total bliss.

Feeling very happy  after trying out my new crown on a coronation chicken sandwich!
I've also realised that I had my hair cut and coloured Monday afternoon. (That's where that chunk of time went!) 

Thursday we went into town to TKMaxx. It was a 'mystery tour' bus route as there is work going on building a new rail station that seems to have closed 3 roads.

We had a pear cider at the King Billy and 'date night' at MacDonalds. Haven't had one of their burgers for ages and I have to admit I won't be rushing back there soon! Burger King gets my vote. (Much to the disgust of the other commuters on various  trains back from Brum!)

Friday we went to the doctors' surgery - him to get his finger checked out by the nurse as he had injured it just before he finished for the summer (ouch!) and I had a very successful meeting with the lady from the Wellbeing Clinic. I am hoping they may be able to step in where Bromford  left me in the lurch. I've done pretty well so far, but felt I've been loosing grip on stuff a bit. At least I didn't burst into tears this time. Again, a positive!

Saturday was spent moving stuff around in the lock-up. I think I'm hoping if we move it around enough it'll disappear!

Sunday was the Northampton Music Festival in the market square. A free event with something to suit all tastes. We went in to catch The Jets, a well-known local band and they were very good.

I was trying to upload 2 videos but Blogger was having none of it yesterday, but it seems to have worked today! 
Z xx


  1. Lovely to have a nice big update from you, Zoe. I don't envy you your time at the dentist, though. My dentist experiences this year have been horrid to say the least. Root canal to sort out a filling they drilled too far down on, then when the pain was still awful afterwards they realised they'd done the wrong tooth and would have to do root canal on the next one along as well. :(

  2. So lovely to see and hear that all is well with you lovely. I did chuckle at the thought of your dentist taking that photo:-) love your hair you look gorgeous. Hugs, dee xxx