Saturday, 13 July 2013

OOTD - date at the lert

Trying to keep cooooool!
What the heck is in that drink? It's blue for heavens sake! I think it was a Slush Puppy...Mr B brought us back drinks and hot coronation chicken baguettes from Laserquest across the road from our storage place.
They were lovely, but how weird, it's food for kids. Warm curried chicken in a baguette? For kids??
Lummy, fancy tastes, or what?
But jolly yummy!

Matching my drink to my footwear!
As I say to Mr B, "These things aren't thrown together!"
White linen pants and sandals from TK Maxx.
White cotton pin-tucked blouse from New Look (several years old)
Lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo, (Mr B treated me at Dublin Airport Duty Free)
Necklace, a gift from Mr B, from Liberty Blue, Belfast  

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