Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sticky Fingers

I was going to call this post "Still Pampering, Sorry, Papering", but cannot get strikethrough to work in the title.
Any ideas?
Oh yes...I'm still wallpapering the front room!

It's not that I live in a castle with huge rooms, (I wish!), just we have to move stuff around and then I get to do a bit more.
The latest thing to be shoved around is the piano, which has to be done by Mr B (too heavy for me to do it!); in between him scooting off on tour, y'know, that work thing!

Having watch a few YouTube vids, they show you how to paper around light sockets; turn off the juice, loosen the front plate, cut out the middle bit of paper, cut at angles into the corners and tuck behind the plate.
Ummm, NO!
For a start, the plates have been sealed to the wall!
And all this 'cut your wallpaper', heck NO! It all just shrivels up together and tears. (See, like on the bottom right of the picture above). The same when cutting off the excess top and bottom.
This may be that the paper is thin??
I also 'treated' myself to some ready-mixed paste for this last papering session. Will stick to the mix-it-yourself as I find it easier to distribute across the paper and, again, possibly because of the pappy paper, as you move the brush away to another area the paper comes with it and you get a whole load of creases!
But, to be fair, I am really chuffed with my attempt. The walls are cr*p and have so many different bits of plastering and undulations. In a perfect world I guess you could get someone in to skim them, but this is the way the Council has left it and I'm not paying to have it re-done! With the light from the mini chandelier casting shadows that move all the time, it feels like the walls are not 'static', so, if I wanted to be picky I could, but instead, I'm just basking in the fact that I've given it a go!
Z xx

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  1. It looks lovely! Will drop you an email re meeting up in September, am looking forward to it. Apologies for lateness, work and college assignments and helping my mum with her garden has met a hectic week xx