Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back In The Day

A little bit of reminiscing occurred when I found this photo.
Taken the morning after my 28th birthday and still quaffing champagne!
We, (me and Mr B), had  gone for a meal and stayed overnight at The Petersham Hotel, in Richmond, Surrey.
I often would travel over to Richmond on my own, before I knew Mr B, and walk along the towpath by the River Thames, down to Ham House, and watch the polo.
The view is across the meadow to the Thames.
I am wearing my red leather trousers and Toni & Guy sweatshirt. In 'the good old days' I used to model for them; you probably still can. It did used to be free and sometimes it would be students, hairdressers who came to the Academy to learn new techniques, sometimes the salon hairdressers themselves. It was thru' doing this that I found my first place to live in London; with one of the T&G Artistic Team, Christine,  Paul Yacomine, hairdresser and, now long-time friend, Bruce, who was a make-up artist supreme.
My goodness, I was in girlie heaven!! On top of that, we were in Hounslow, with the airport flight path out the front and the Tube line at the end of the garden. As odd as this sounds, that was Zoe heavenly too!
The look of surprise as any visitor spied Concorde coming in to land !
Oh, happy days! (Well, actually they were quite hellish at times...moving to London...trying to establish myself and get work etc etc, but, hey, time smoothed out a lot of the cr*p!).
Z xx


  1. What a brilliant photo, no wonder you were a model, gorgeous you were! x