Monday, 30 September 2013

It's Always So Nice To Come Home

After a lovely train journey through Stoke-on-Trent, where I had 2 stints on placement from college, (you usually only ever got one), and which holds so many happy memories, Lichfield Trent Valley, Nuneaton and Rugby admiring the stunningly beautiful countryside and the canal boats, we arrived home about 4 o'clock. It was still sunny weather so we had a coffee/tea outside on the swing seat.
We hadn't got anything suitable in the freezer to cook from frozen, so we had chicken kebabs delivered; lots of yummy salad too.
But I took the Jubilee chicken crown, from Sainsbury's, out to defrost and had that this evening with home grown potatoes cooked with mint  and green beans.
Now, my bean plants were massacred by snails earlier in the year, and the potatoes, well...this portion is half of the total from a potato grow-bag. So, on the one-hand, a pretty poor show, but, on the other, tasted bloody lovely and got me out of a tight spot.
(Mr B is up in Brum working and having to stay overnight, so am on me tod, not that I am not feeding him!)


  1. I got a good few potatoes to begin with, but then the rest of them seemed to get blight, which isn't so good.I did neglect the allotment for a few weekends, though, so it's really my own fault.

    1. Spuds always seem to be shown as a get loads from 5 seed potatoes etc etc. Every year I'm really thinking it's not worth it and then I taste the few that I have grown and YES it IS worth it!!
      Mind you, 6, not so sure!!
      Z xx