Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Good News/Bad News

Frank the pug has been FOUND!
Unfortunately, this has highlighted the issue of 'stolen dogs'.
They are keeping the fb page open for others to upload info on missing dogs. There is another black pug, Winston, who has been missing since October of last year. For all we must cheer the outcome for Frank, oh, my heart feels for Winston's owners. It must really hurt.


Where I have no wish to be a 'lost dog blog' I had to let you know Frank was back and it would feel cruel not to highlight Winston; but unless it is a personal friend, no more lost doggies!
Our Stac
  What I would like to ask you, dear reader, is, if you are an animal lover please sign this  Government e-petition for compulsory micro-chipping of animals.
When my parents had our boxer dogs there was no such thing as micro-chipping, but there was a "Dog Licence" you could buy, (not compulsory), that cost the grand sum of what is now known as 37-and-a-half pence. My dad bought one for each of our two dogs. I don't see what good it was? But chipping, there's often offers on and free deals, whatever; it cost us 20 pounds per cat; but...if they go missing, or, God forbid, get knocked down, then there is a good chance of not being left in the dark depths of the unknown.
our Rufus
It might help with the horrible 'puppy farming' and hopeless owners who haven't got a clue and who have no wish to find out, how to keep an animal.
With Crufts freshly won, surely anything that can helps a dog, (or cat), is worth fighting for?


  1. Hi there! Definitely agree with all you've said here, plus micro chipping most definitely needs to be compulsory, great post! xx

  2. I haven't got any pets but I'm always amazed that 'animal lovers' often fail to do the basics for their animals. Surely microchipping should be standard?

    1. Scary some of the stories they have on the Daily Mail website; I really should stop reading it!
      It would be excellent if micro-chipping does become compulsory.
      Z xx

  3. Replies
    1. Such good news. Frank has since been on holiday to Plymouth, so he's doing better than me!
      Sad how many other stolen dogs there are...even taken from the owners' garden. Scum of the Earth!!
      Z xx

  4. I adre boxers ~ our Cricket looks much like your Rufus did .
    Handsome dogs and such sweet hearts !