Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What's In Your Kitchen Cupboard?

This is what I found in mine yesterday, when looking for a bowl!
Mr B had hidden it in there before he went to Plymouth. He'd found it up in Sunderland.
You can make your own 'farmyard' as there are printed animals on the inside to cut out and play with.
Bluebell and her two new chums
But I have my own farmyard was a Christmas pressie.
(It was in that big Jonny Loulou bag from MK, here)
While this may leave you scratching your head, going "Why?", Mr B was very amused by me knowing the words to the McDonalds ad with the farm, which is called 'Jollity Farm'...the dogs bow wow, the cats miaow etc etc. He saw a picture of it in the Metro one day and thought 'that's the present for my gal' or words to that effect! 

(Oh, how I love thee, Neil Innes!)

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