Sunday, 16 March 2014

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

But, unfortunately I'm missing out on this trip!
You may recall that Dawlish hit the news big-time earlier this year when a portion of the railway line disappeared into the sea.

They are apparently doing wonders at re-instating the line, but, sadly not in time for the ballets' visit to Plymouth this week. Regular readers will know that we all go down with Mr B for a week away. As I am not good at travelling any distance by coach and I don't think the fur babies would appreciate it, I decided it best to pass this time. When it's thrust upon you, well, you can't help but go with it, but, knowing in advance, I think I'd would 've worked myself up into a right old tizzy!
So, the little video above is of the bit of railway line along the coast; I think it must be one of the most wonderful bits of train travel in the country. The world, even!


  1. Oh, I'm sad that you don't get to go :(

    1. Yes, it was a shame, but I'm having fun planning what to do while Mr B is away!