Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nectar Of The Gods

bought from Bobbi Brown, Debenhams
I did let out a shriek of joy when the postie delivered this, this morning!  

I have never bought 'a collection' of make-up like this before. I feel I could get addicted to it! Beautiful colours, a small amount of glitter, (not keen on too much sparkle; skin's a bit old for that I think, for everyday wear, at any rate).
The round disc is Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips (double whammy) in Hibiscus; on my lips top left. With Nectar 44 Lip Gloss on the right. Glossy not sticky.
Nectar and Nude Eye Palette l-r
Pale Cream Eye Shadow, Soft Buff Eye Shadow, Golden Bronze Metallic Eye Shadow, Pink Bellini Sparkle Eye Shadow, Earth Eye Shadow, Rich Caviar Eye Shadow.
A pretty, everyday workhorse palette.
A 'posh' version of a fave Jonny Loulou colour that I've worn for years. This is one coat of  Nectar hastily applied and having lasted thru' a steam clean of the kitchen! Maybe with a strong lasting finish you really do get what you pay for!
Appearing on my toenails soon!
(Probably tonight!)
Z xx


  1. I love a good make up spree. It's like having a whole new face!

    I agree with you about glittery make up. I only wear it on a night out.


  2. Ooh lovely.... Can't beat a little Bobbi Brown.... Gorgeous. Enjoy your new collection x

  3. I'm so torn over whether I want this range or not. I'm definitely tempted by the palette, blush and nail colours… it might have to be one I save and see whether it's still available when I'm in the US!