Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Vintage Birds

To tie in my last quilty post and to bring things more up to date, but still 'old'...
 part of a 'group quilt' by the East Midlands Modern Quilt Guild, called 'Where We Live'.
The real McCoy seen a week ago when we were at the Umbrella Fair and they were a few miles away at Sywell.
They were hoping to have the last 2 airworthy Lancaster Bombers flying too but it was too windy for the planes to be able to take off from Lincolnshire, which was such a shame.
That would be such an amazing sight to see...they have flown the second plane over from Canada(!) for the summer to have the 2 together to commemorate Bomber Command; there have been several flights - Eastbourne, Newcastle and Ireland I think. I hope some of you got to see them.

Fast forward to this Sunday and we knew there was going to be a fly-past at the local boys brigade rugby club but no idea at what time.
Umm, about the same time as Mr B popped out to the local shop on his bicycle!
 Then, totally unexpectedly, we caught sight of this beauty, walking into the village for a pub lunch. My beloved Vulcan Bomber. I guess you know I'm a bit of a plane geek?!

But possibly the best 'vintage bird' was the one that Mr B went to watch on Friday night.
OMG! It's Beki Bondage
I keep saying to him, "You've seen Beki Bondage!" in that 'I'm-in-awe' sort of way!
It was actually Vice Squad with BB. Yeah, huh?
There is Youtube footage here, with Mr B dancing with his pint on the side lines!!

So, I guess I've been a bit noticeable by my absence?
Blame it on the MIGRAINES!
Oooh nooo...don't let me turn into my mother(!), who suffered terribly with them basically all her life; and consequently was quite hellish to be around as a kid growing up, not knowing how awful they really were.
So, in honour of the weirdness that is 'the migraine' I am changing my header to a migraine-inducing neon-y number!


  1. I too suffer terribly with migraines, but I've found the best thing for them are these bright pink migraleve tablets. They work really quickly and also come with these yellow pills to take if it progresses to sickness. xx


    1. Ooh yes, they're what the doc gave me on Friday. She also gave me an anti-sickness tablet to take before them, to give them a chance to stay down!
      I had migraines 20-odd years ago and they were what I was given then! Guess you can't beat a good thing, eh?

  2. Beki Bondage! She doesn't look a day older!
    Have a word with your osteopath - there's some kind of cranial manoeuvre that helps. xxx

    1. She is looking good, isn't she? Love her smile!
      Yes, I'm thinking a trip to Brum and the osteo could be on the cards. Got any free days coming up???

  3. I used to be a hostess for corporate events at the F'boro and Paris Air Shows so became a bit blase about flying displays but I agree there is something special about the mighty Lancaster! Beki Bondage ... wow!

    1. I am beyond green with jealousy! The engineering company I was with used to sometimes display there, (aerocar anyone, about 1956 I think it was ...way before our time!!), and I always wanted to go, but so did all the blokes! Mind you, they did bring me back some freebies! (My McDonnell-Douglas windsock is so old it has shredded!).
      But having read Vixs' post on 'corporate whoredom', http://vintagevixon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/the-mid-week-rant-mind-your-own-business.html, well, don't fancy the hostessing side!
      But...Paris...it does sound SO glam!!