Friday, 29 August 2014

Facebook Has A Lot To Answer For

First off I don't really 'do' Facebook.
But when I spied Vixs' link to 'PlaidUrDay', hosted by Senora Allnut.  Well, I  just had to gate crash, didn't I? 
 So, let me see...if you like something on Facebook, you give it a big thumbs up.

If we're going to a party, well, you need music. A very old copy of PlaidUrDay, PlaidUrDay, PlaidUrDay Night's All right (for fighting dancing), still with its' Oxfam price tag!

Forgive the twist on the lyrics, Elton &Bernie!
image from Google
I also thought I'd bring some food...Madras Curry of course!
But Mr B looked at me 'quizzically'...umm, Madras check! Doh!
I've spent the day waddling around in my Betty Boop/Eeyore PJs that Mr B bought me back from Target(USA).
But I had already scanned my new, yet to be worn, shirt from New Look, which, with the autumnal weather, I think will be getting a lot of wear.
Happy PlaidUrDay!


  1. Thank you!
    I have some food pictures going up soon...including burgers at the park with no yucky crisps!

  2. Love that Elton John cover and I never thought I'd ever say that. x

    1. Yeah! There's a bit of something for everyone on that cover...tats, rabbits, tam o'shanter, booze!