Friday, 8 October 2010

Blowing My Own Trumpet!

A little bit of something completely different today, readers!

A few posts ago I put a picture on, of a plastic bird. A new reader, Sarah, left a comment saying that she would be ridiculously impressed if I had made it myself. Now, this touched a nerve; yes, I probably could've made it (someone has!), but, I'd bought it in Homesense.

So, I thought, "Right, let's scan some piccies of stuff that I have made." That was going to be my next post, and then I found out that Catherine had passed away and did a post on that, instead. (Many thanks for your kind comments....I didn't feel as if it was a loss to me, as such, but more a remembering of a very special time in my Life. Me and Mr B had only just become an 'item' after I joined there, and as I said, she always made him so welcome).


So, without further ado, a few shots from my portfolio!!

Here I am doing a headdress fitting, 'wearing vintage', or as it was known in those days, secondhand. A jumble sale mohair shawl artfully draped and pinned across one shoulder!! The dress belonged to my mum and somewhere I have a photo of her in it, in Paris with her father, (I never knew my grandad), in the early 50s.

This was little skullcap I made for myself for a fancy dress party. The theme was "Rainbow" and I went as the pot of gold. I made a little gold lame 'romper suit' and wore gold-flecked tights and shoes. And I am relieved to say that I don't think there is photographic evidence anywhere!

These were costumes for a Christopher Bruce piece, that premiered at the Coli.

(Photo credit, Angela Taylor)

Headdress and jewellery for a college project, that I was very kindly allowed to photograph at Goodwood House.

My very own cover shot!!

My gorgeous boys at Festival Ballet, (now ENB).

Three Mother-of-the-Bride hats.

And finally, a girl with a very big nose. Sorry, no(se), The Queen of Hearts headdress, from Alice in Wonderland.

So, I hope you've enjoyed and that has made up for no photos on the last but one post, 'cos we all seem to like a post with piccies!!

Have a great weekend. Do buy a raffle ticket from Sian this Sunday. It is for a very good cause, the Alzheimer's Society; my dad had it and Parkinson's too. Horrid, horrid things, so cruel. So, follow the links, either the picture in the sidebar, or click Sian's name.

And, yes, I haven't forgot you, Lou. That should be my next posty-wosty, as long as no-one dies and I get my piccies done!!
Z xx


  1. Fab photos!!!! LOVE the goodwood house shot!!!! AMAZING!!
    would like to see more of your makes missus!!!!
    Have a great weekend! Annie xx

  2. wow what a fab post.. how clever are you .. i love love love the gold skull cap!!
    i would love to be able to say oh yes its a hat i made or oh yes hre is when i worked with the russian ballet company!!!..
    wonderful stuff xx

  3. What an amazing talent you are! All those lovely and fabulous things... So glad you decided to blog about your creations. I'll bet there are even more you could share with us. Maybe a part 2 will be coming soon? Anyway, love all your clever makes. Well done indeed! :)

  4. I would absolutely love to see more of your work. I'm in serious awe of your creative abilities.

  5. Wow, you are talented! :-) The skullcap and the headress are amazing!

    Thanks so much for adding my link. I really, really appreciate it. It's a great cause and I think everyone I've spoken to knows someone with Alzheimer's or dementia. It's such a horrible disease in that it robs people of their mind, their memories and their dignity. I just hope I can raise enough awareness and get enough people to buy tickets. :-)

    Thanks again!

    Sian x

  6. You're very talented! Impressive stuff there and you must have some brilliant memories from it all.

    Yes of course you can borrow the parties, puddings and pink phrase! Hope you will show the cross stitch if you do it though :)

    That pink ribbon is the drawstring of a mini bag made with pink and white hearts fabric and with four buttons on, I made it when we had a little party just for me and the two girlies and they each had a fabric party bag!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend too, Mel xxx