Thursday, 21 October 2010

This week...

I have been 'on tour' with Mr Blossom down in Plymouth, Devon.
Today I did a BIG walk from where we stay in West Hoe right around through Millbay to Stonehouse. I was intending to go to the car boot in Stonehouse but got rather waylaid just meandering around enjoying the beautiful weather and the lovely surroundings.

I was very surprised to see these swans fly in and land on the sea; I thought they were 'fresh water' birds, but this is right where the sea and the River Tamar join, so I guess that makes it a little of each!

Looking back towards Devils' Point.

Looking over the Plymouth Sound to Staddon Heights.

Looking across the bay to West Hoe with Smeatons' Tower standing tall in the background.

Two views looking over to Mount Edgcumbe with the River Tamar running out from the right. This is where the Navy ships come in and go down to the Naval Base, Devonport.

Plymouth Sound. The Sea!!

Artillery Tower and across to Mount Edgcumbe.


  1. That looks so lovely, you were very lucky with the weather!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Plymouth is a lovely place to visit. Nice to hear you had a lovely time. Dee

  3. I can't believe how beautiful and sunny it looks - you'd never think it was getting distinctly chilly and autumnal! Hope you're having a wonderful time.

  4. It looks beautiful down there, have a lovely time but we will miss seeing you tomorrow.
    Ann x