Saturday, 23 October 2010

How To Loose A Cat...

...In One Easy Lesson!

Now, our Rene cat likes a hidey-hole, such as this cupboard in the bathroom, on a narrowboat.
But yesterday she did herself proud, and didn't do my blood pressure any good, into the bargain.
We rent a basement flat which gives the kitties access to the 'outside world', invariably under supervision, and with no use of the catflap.
Ren's been a bit wary this week - there's been a lot of big, noisy seagulls, sitting around on top of the house and next door has a cat that she met last time and wasn't too happy about. So, she's been quite happy using the litter tray.
Anyhow, we wanted to go out and couldn't find her!! Argh!! Thinking it unlikely that she'd disappear off outside we looked all over the (large) flat. No joy! We have now met all the immediate neighbours too!
We went and had tea and Mr B went into work. Several hours later, I'm on the laptop, and who should come and sit next to me? Rene! I felt her coat and she was all warm and cosy - definitely not come in from the by now, very cold outdoors. And anyway, I had shut the kitchen door to the lounge, so she couldn't have got into the flat only the kitchen! Of course, she wouldn't let on where her hideout was and I checked there was no fur on/under the duvets on the 2 spare beds. Nope!
Now, when we have stayed in nice hotels she loves sitting right up against the edge of the bed, under the counterpane. So, we had checked for that too and we moved all 4 beds out to check. Where had she been??
This morning Mr B moved his suitcase and caught the corner of one of the beds which pulled the dust ruffle up, and, lo and behold...
...found this!!!
A little slide-y door to a divan base storage cubbyhole. And there she was, again, tucked in right at the back!! Now, bear in mind, this bed had been moved last night in 'the search', not a meow or anything!
Who are you calling a 'cheeky miss'?
Like, butter wouldn't melt!!
Still, at least we didn't have to go home without her....
Z xx


  1. What a tinker! She must have been chuckling away to herself in that way cats do when you were frantically moving beds and she was curled up inside one. She's a very well travelled cat by the sounds of things. Does she always come away with you?

  2. LOL....ha ha ha ;-))) Awwwww bless her what a beautiful scamp ;-)) Sounds just like the thing my timmy would do. Glad you have her safe and sound... Dee ;-)

  3. awww, she's so cute! even if she is doing her best to raise your blood pressure! My cats will squeeze into the smallest spaces possible yet when they lie on my bed they manage to take up so much space I have to squish up against the wall. Honestly, the cheek of it :)