Tuesday, 26 October 2010

And Then I Saw Her Face

Now I'm a Believer Follower.

(With apologies to The Monkees)

What am I waffling on about, you may ask?

Well, about a month ago, I was trundling round Superdrugs' make-up displays. Now, when I do this either here on in Boots, I always keep an eye out for Lou of Sprinkle of Glitter, as she likes a bit of make-up! So, as I turned round, I saw a face that I thought I recognised, in the angled mirror above the display, behind me. I sidled up and very quietly asked "Mrs Watson?", probably giving the poor, pregnant girl a near-heart attack!

Thankfully, it was Lou and we had a very nice little natter. We must do it again sometime, with a sit-down and coffee included!

So, seeing as Lou asked what I'd bought on her lovely post about our meeting, (that she did ages ago), here it is! I had bought a different mascara, (Ultra, I think), but when I went to use it, it was all dried out! I took it back and stuck to my guns when the sales assistant said 'we don't exchange make-up', saying it was sold unfit for purpose, and swapped it for this Collection 2000 one. And as it was cheaper I also got a fiver back too! Result! It's not waterproof, but a coat of Clarins 'Fix' Mascara' and job done.

Here's a little piccie of it in use, so to speak. It is unlike anything I tend to use and the quality I think is really good. Mind you, I don't think this picture does it justice!

So, at long last Lou, it was brilliant to meet you. And, yes, I've done a bit of photo thievery too.

Let me finish off with Lous' Luscious Lips and her phrase "Mwah! Thanks for stopping by!"

Z xx


  1. I cant believe you recognised her just from some blog posts/videos! I probably wouldnt spot my own mum when I'm browsing in superdrug (I'm usually pretty focused on the task at hand!) Nice palette - I'm absolutely loving anything green at the min so this really appeal to me :)

    P.S. I knew I shouldnt have watched The Monkees video - I'm a believer is gonna be stuck in my head all night!!