Monday, 4 October 2010


No, not this one....

...but this one!

Northampton is known by some as "Shoe Town" as it days gone by it was the nerve centre of the shoe making industry. Sadly, as is the way of so many 'craft' trades, this business has declined, but Church's is one of the few that remains, albeit, now owned by Prada. It is world-renowned for making the most beautifully crafted mens' shoes, and was recently shown on the Gok Wan, 'How To Look Good Naked' programme, when Brix Smith-Start, (once married to Mark E Smith of The Fall, one of Mr Bs' fave bands), went to visit and -very quickly- showed the process of having a pair of brogues made.

Now, it just so happens that every so often I pop in to TWR for a dose of civilised womens' stuff. One of the writers, Jane, was bemoaning the fact that she really wanted a pair of their Chelsea boots, (the company does a small range of ladies footwear), but could not find a pair for love nor money. And, yes, they do cost a lot of money, well, to me they do! But probably not as much as Choos or Louboutins.
I thought, maybe if I tried their headquarters, I might find a pair. (Who knows what they might have lurking around?)

So, on a very wet Friday, we wandered down to Jimmys End to go see! Well, I didn't know, but they have a Factory Shop!!

I was so close. The ladies shoes are made in Italy, but they had 1 pair of the exact boot, in the exact colour, but in one size too small! I was gutted!

But it did give me the chance to have a nosey and as you walk along the side of the building, there is one corner that smells of lovely, lovely leather. Mmmm

Jane has very kindly asked if she may mention me on their blog, which is amazing, (well, I think so!), so keep your eyes peeled!!

The steeple in the top picture belongs to St Matthews', Kingsley, and is the most stunning piece of architechture, and also happens to have the parish rooms where the Northampton Fair is being held, on the 23 October. Sadly, I shall miss this one as I shall being away in Plymouth. (so that's a 'boo' and 'hurrah' all in one breath!)

Z xx


  1. Hello, who can resist new shoes? not me!
    I've left a comment below, thank you for the lovely welcome back!xxx

  2. I am so sorry you are away for the fair but thank you for the mentions and putting our flyer on your blog. I recognised St Matthews straight away. I must pop in to Church's factory shop, I have never been in.
    Ann x

  3. Wow, really must come to Northampton more often!!!! Youy're only a little way away!!! no Fiar for me this year either...BOOO HOOO but if our car gets better than we might just make it yet ( to do some shopping!!)
    Luton is known as the Hat town by the way!!! Made me giggle as you live in the shoe town!
    Annie x

  4. Ooh I watched that episode. She drove me mad but the process looks so interesting. What a shame that you couldn't get the boots! It's always the way though isn't it? You want one specific pair and they're never available in the right size and colour.

    Gosh I'm jealous of your horsey past. I would have loved to have seen Marion Mould and Stroller and all the top dressage riders at Goodwood. I think William must be in his 40's now but then Mark Todd is still going strong and he must be at least 15 years older!

  5. Wow, how do you cope with all of those shoes so near?!!! I love it! Your pictures are really lovely too.