Friday, 10 June 2011

Thank you, Manchester!

I cannot believe how quickly Saturday has come around!
The NW Bloggers meet-up is tomorrow!

A few shots of the Media City area in Salford. I believe the three blocks of apartments -not flats!- were some of the first to be built. Guess they weren't very happy when that 'brown' block on the left went up and blocked a view of the basin!

The Imperial War Museum...full of 'Keep Calm and Carry On' goodies.

The tram stop for Media City UK.
I did my very first tram journey to here. On my own too! Mega achievement!!

This is Sugar Junction, just at the back of Afflecks Palace.

I had extremely scrummy fruit scones with jam and cream for tea there the other day. All presented on vintage crockery. Totally delish. They also had a sparkling lemonade, made in Norfolk, which was out of this world. I'm hoping I'll find somewhere that sells it at home, but if not, I managed to find a Martha Stewart Living magazine, June issue, which has a great sounding recipe. I have made homemade lemonade before and it's definitely worth the effort!

So, very nearly the end of my stay in Manchester, and, even with the lift debacle, it has been fabulous to be back here again. The people have been incredibly kind and pleasant and I have had a wonderful time! I even got my gerberas and got to The Hidden Gem, which is probably the best bit of the week, in so many ways.

Thank you, Manchester!
Z xx

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