Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hello, Lovelies!

Just a quickie. I think I maybe overdid it a bit last week and have hit a big schlumpy-pumpy this week. But, oh boy, it was worth it! And I did go to Brum on Tuesday for my appointment with "Dr Death"!

Gosh, thank you for all those lovely is the first time that it has hit double figures. I am beside myself with excitement!!

And a big "HELLO" to all my newbie followers; I will mention you all individually with links at some point. But I really appreciate that you've hit the 'follow' button.

I am slowly catching up with blogs and thought you may like to enter this giveaway...

...Michelle is based in the States but will post anywhere, and has just opened an Etsy shop, full of pretty stuff. Sorry, 'stuff' sounds so blah, her items for sale are anything but, I'm just not being very good with my use of English, but at least I AM posting!

Enjoy yourselves,
Z xx


  1. Are you back home now then? Hope Saturday's merriment didn't knacker you out too much!

  2. sorry for the delay. just catching up on my blog reading. thanks so much for this nod. you were so kind to give me a shout out.