Thursday, 2 June 2011

Who's A VERY Lucky Girl, Then?

At long last after much trawling of t'internet, after seeing it on Pixiwoo, I found it! Hurrah! Woop!

Thought I'd peek in Debs in Brum and yes, Smashbox had a stand. The smallest, shared, display, ever!
I hung around for a while and couldn't see it on display, so as it seemed obvious no-one was coming to help, I looked thru' the stock drawers below!
And there it was ! One lone Smashbox Masquerade Palette! In the drawer, unloved and unseen by Joe Public! Then there was the small problem of finding someone at a till, for me to pay for it. I seriously believe I could've walked outta that store without anyone taking a blind bit of notice! (Wasn't prepared to try out my theory, tho'!)
The colours are designed to work together in rows of 3, up, down and diagonally, which is quite nifty if you're not too sure about colour blending.

Then, my wonderful Mr B came home with THIS!

MAC 'Packed To Go' 6 Cool Smoky Eye Shadows.
l-r, t-b
seedy pearl, tendersmoke, satin taupe
a brown suit, beauty marked, carbon
Apparently these are marketed for Duty Free shopping only. Mind you, at Heathrow, the counter staff hadn't got a clue! Thankfully, the lovely MAC girl at Narita were on the ball and asked if it was a gift, and very kindly packaged it up with ribbons and bows! How kind was that?

I found out about it on this website, I used the photo above from this site, as mine came out rubbish! Don't know who she is, as there are no personal details. But if you are flying/cruising away on holiday, this is the site to look at! I was browsing for Japanese beauty stuff and came across this site. She covers all the 'specials', stuff not available in the regular shops. Makes for very interesting reading!

Mr B also managed to get here, not London, but Tokyo, and bought me this for my birthday!

A Vivienne Westwood amethyst orb necklace. I was very nearly in tears.
It is very beautiful and I am very lucky!
Z xx


  1. You are very lucky indeed but I bet you deserve it! Mr B has excellent taste in presents.

  2. wow, what amazing presents, the eyeshadows are amazing colours too.