Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I Have Enough Trouble Controlling 2 Legs...

...let alone 3!

Self portrait with a tripod!

I found, and dusted off, my dads' tripod this afternoon, in the process of trying to get this OOTD ball rolling! Trouble is, I'm wearing more or less the same as the last photo. Leggings from Primark rather than a skirt. So, not very exciting, I'm afraid.

But, tomorrow, maybe I can showcase my Makita steel toe caps! It has to be said they are extremely comfy and what I tend to wear all the time when I'm on a narrowboat. But...tomorrow, if I can keep it together, I am going to visit a lady at Moulton College to find out about volunteering for Riding For The Disabled. I am soooo excited!
It is something I have fancied doing for ages and with the help of my Support Worker, it looks as tho' it may become a reality.

Lots of these taking over the garden!

Helen, (Afeitar), did a post showing her blackcurrant lovelies. My currants and gooseberries have been savaged by tiny green caterpillars. Little bu**ers! I thought the birds were supposed to eat them. Ha! I guess these pests are bad due to the weather. I keep flicking 'em off...I really don't want to use any form of pesticide, but I would like some produce too!

Sadly, figgy figgis fell off his branch. But it was still a fillip that my plant had managed to start to grow one!

Hey ho! Better go and do some washing up! It looks like a sinkful, but there's a big baking tin at the bottom which takes up loads of room, so I know that there isn't much to do. The ironing, on the other hand....!
Z xx


  1. Ooh raspberries! I would love some raspberry canes, but we have lots of strawberries taking over the garden at the moment. I was so pleased that my blackcurrants didn't get nibbled by the birds or slugs, but the slugs have been at my courgette plants :( boo!

  2. Ooh volunteering for the RDA? How exciting! Bet you'll be brilliant!

  3. looks like you have a lovely little spot to enjoy the (occasional) summer from the garden. pain about the nibbling insects but those raspberries still look delicious.