Sunday, 19 June 2011

Walking Into The Face Of Modernity

I absolutely adore this piece of film that Mr B took in Japan.

I love that the girl is in traditional dress, walking, it seems, in the opposite direction to everyone else. And then I noticed, in particular, the modernness of the red sandals.

Then, having decided to blog this, you can imagine my surprise at finding this picture from Royal Ascot!

They all look so beautiful and serene...mind you, the girl on the right looks somewhat concerned.
Maybe there was a bunch of photographers braying at them!

Check out the little grey horse on the right hand side of the black kimono. How neat is that?
This is probably my favourite fashion picture from Ascot this year.

And the best bit of racing news? That has to be Walter Swinburn getting his first Royal Ascot winner! Huzzah! He used to be one of the greatest jockeys ever and has now moved into training race horses.

When I originally was building this post Mr B came in from work and said that if I was writing this for a red top newspaper, then the title would have to be "Walking Back To Jappy-ness"! (Well, to be fair, it was about half past midnight when he came home! So, I blame it on him being tired!).

Z xx


  1. ha ha ha great blog title and very clever ;-)) Those kimono's are beautiful. I am not in horse racing but i do like to see what the women wear not sure if that makes me shallow or not ;-)) Have a wonderful week, dee x

  2. Perhaps the one on the right is cross because her hair has fallen down?

    The last photo is gorgeous. Such beautiful fabric.

  3. Glad you managed to get the clip up, it was well worth the faffing though x