Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Accessories OTD

This started out as an OOTD post, but then I became concerned at losing my anonymity.

There are a enough pictures of me on the blog, that you could probably pick me out in a line up(!), but possibly not enough to go "Aha, it's you!", in a crowded shop. My profile pic was chosen purely because it kept me anonymous. But, now I am meeting more bloggers, some of you know me in real life 3D! Is it something I should be concerned about or throw caution to the wind?

Or just take headless photographs?

Bag & shoes, TK Maxx
Umbrella, Accessorize
Brown jacket, New Look
Black Cargo pants, Evans

Z xx


  1. I think you need a mask, like batman so you can keep your real identity secret whilst revealing your super-stylish side ;-)
    I do get recognised sometimes it is a bit weird when you get stared at, then its ok when they come over and talk to you about the blog! I do get a bit paranoid though, you hear all this stuff about stalkers in the news and it is disturbing. - I am going to shut up now as I realise I am not reassuring you! x

  2. Entirely up to you! It doesn't bother me to put pics of myself on the blog as it's only what people would see if they were walking down the street and bumped into me. I like Pearl's mask idea though. Perhaps with a marabou trimmed cape?