Wednesday, 17 March 2010

s l o w

Hi! to Mel and Charl, many thanks for following. It's been a bloomin' dull blog since you've found me!!!!

Most meds state that they may make you drowsy and mostly I find they don't, but I'm on a new one and I think that with the others is the straw that broke the camels' back! Once I'm up and running it's not too bad it's just the getting there that is a problem!

My wellness nurse, Amanda, has been a real Godsend. Little things she says make all the difference to how I view my life. (Which is probably not SO bad, but I worry about stuff and get all twisted up in it).

(View from The Hoe to Mount Edgcombe)

Anyhow, having missed going to the Ballet Gala last week, I (and the cats) am travelling down to Plymouth with Mr Blossom next week. So I could see them every day next week, lucky me. Sleeping Beauty with designs by the brilliant Philip Prowse. His visions are amazing. One of those people that when I was at college I deemed as a God!

Am also hoping to get to Totnes a couple of days-Friday for the market (hoping that Amanda the Shabby Chick will be there) and probably Tuesday for everything else...This n' That, the fab bead shop, the sewing shop and, thanks to reading Posys' blog, Gazebo, which, looking at her piccies, is an OMG-I'm-getting-palpitations sort of shop.

Gosh, just seem the time...must skedaddle of to the docs. Take care all of you,
Z x

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